Models of The Wall


Models of The Wall, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 16x20

Models of The Wall, oil on canvas, 16×20

Given his unorthodox, in-your-face style, it should come as no surprise that our Nu™© Prezidente eschewed the traditional architectural world and reached out to me, an obscure visual artist, for Models of The Wall.

A few notes on the sketches:

To provide a sense of scale, the first lines are constructed of supersized Pop Rocks, six inches tall. The next barrier is made of foot-high chewing gum. Think of the heat. Popcorn or molasses! Things will get messy for people who fail to raise their tired feet.

The third line of thick, curving green swirls, 1,500 feet high, is made from reinforced spaghetti. Casting immense, enriched shadows in the desert heat, it is a monument to our nation’s past.

The broad, pale green scrim is gossamer. The marathon’s finish line!

I hope these teach those immigrants a lesson.

Please make your voice heard.


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  1. Maybe some of those immigrants will get stuck in the chewing gum and will only get across by taking their shoes off and coming to us barefooted. Ouch! But they’ll be refreshed for all of their efforts by moving through the cool green gossamer.

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