GARDEN POST, oil on canvas, 28×22

TULIPS, oil on canvas, 20×16
FLOAT, oil on canvas, 24×36
TREE LIFE, acrylic on canvas, 24×18
WALKING THE BEACH, acrylic on canvas, 12×16
ELEGY FOR MOLLY, oil on canvas, 28×22

6 Replies to “Resurfacing”

  1. Russell, I love the vertical and linear treatment of float; and elegy for Molly is especially touching; thoughtful painted works of art

    1. Thank you so much! What a pleasure to hear from you, and I greatly appreciate the encouragement and kind words. Hope to see you this summer!

  2. Congratulations Rus, on resurfacing. A group of vibrant and strong paintings.. Such an uplifting series!

  3. Thank you, Jan. Still learning as I go, but gradually making progress. I’m looking forward to the next steps.

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