Greenscapes And Upcoming Events

Greenscape 2, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 11x14

Greenscape 2, oil on canvas, 11×14

Greenscape 1, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 8x24

Greenscape 1, oil on canvas, 8×24

“The Essence of Abstraction”

From March 4 to March 25, my oil paintings will be included in “The Essence of Abstraction,” a group exhibit at the Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th St., New York, New York. The opening reception will be Thursday, March 6, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“Paintings from the Dunes”

From May 25 through much of June, I will exhibit paintings of the Provincetown dunes, with photographer Trish Crapo and wood carver and collage artist Christa Edlund, at the Truro Public Library. We will present work from our 2013 summer residencies in a shack in the Cape Cod National Seashore. The opening reception will be Sunday, May 25. Details to follow.

“New England Apples: A User’s Guide”

In  August, The Countryman Press will publish New England Apples: A User’s Guide, my new book about apple growing in New England, with photographs and descriptions of more than 200 varieties grown, sold, or discovered in the region. Photographs by Bar Lois Weeks.

Greenscape 3, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 16x20

Greenscape 3, oil on canvas, 16×20


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  1. Hi Russell, The longer I look at your paintings, the more I “discover” something in them. The bottom one, for example: at the bottom of that painting it looks like a mountain is in the distance with fields leading up to it. Then in the middle and at the top it looks like its raining feathers, big, bold feathers that insist on coming down. The feathers could also be a native American’s head dress, whatever those things are called that the chiefs put on their heads with all of those feathers. Anyway, it’s what strikes me. I’m sure lots of your viewers see their special imagery and have fun with it. I know the paintings I want to buy from you, at least two of them. The third I want to be a “blue” one. We’ll talk about this sometime in the spring, which, I trust, is around the corner. Let’s hope it’s not too big a corner. Damaris

  2. Now I understand how you so aptly have been able to describe the colorization of each of the many apples you describe when you write about apples. It gives me even further appreciation for your abstracts. I look forward to receiving your future posts. Thank you!
    Betty Levin.

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