A Confluence Of Rivers

Flowers, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 22x28

Flowers, oil on canvas, 22×28

Tobacco Barn, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 12x16

Tobacco Barn, oil on canvas, 12×16

THERE ARE infinite possibilities between Elm Street and the river, but also persistent themes, familiar frameworks on which to hang diverse feelings and ideas,

profuse as the thicket of wildflowers bordering long fields of neatly cultivated rows of corn, potatoes, and cabbage;

profound as the silent, hulking tobacco barns scattered across the fertile flood plain;

singular as a small grove of trees on a spit of land, as seen from a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Mill and Connecticut rivers in Hatfield, Massachusetts.

River Overlook, Russell Steven Powell, 40x30

River Overlook, Russell Steven Powell, 40×30


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. And like I said in my last post, they are getting more complex which I very much like. I stay longer with the painting.

  2. Nice combination of abstract and representative elements. “River Overlook” shows Charles Burchfield influence, similar to what I’ve seen in some of your Father’s work. EG

    1. Thanks Eric. I see what you mean about the similarities of “River Overlook” and some of my Dad’s paintings with Burchfield, although I admit I had to go scrambling online to refresh myself with his work!

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