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Primary Pods, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas,30x24
Primary pods, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 24x30

Primary pods, oil on canvas, 24×30

I AM PLEASED to announce the publication of two new books in September:

Feeling the Heat: Temperature and Time Sensitive is my multilayered response to cyberspace and climate change. In painting and essays, poems and photographs, I explore the natural world at the juncture of these revolutionary forces, in landscapes as diverse as New York City and Haiti, the Connecticut River and the Cape Cod dunes. Feeling the Heat has more than 70 full-color images.

Living Without Lawn: Rethinking the Front Yard makes a persuasive case for growing less lawn, with dozens of ideas about how to go about doing it. I argue that less lawn is not only better for the environment; it is better for body, mind, and soul, too. I trace my evolution from a devotee of the crew-cut lawn to a five-year project to remake my yard in rural western Massachusetts. Working with nature and without gas-powered machines, I bring my experience as a visual artist to the challenges of garden design. The results are often stunning, and sometimes surprising, as gardens, sculpture, and stonework gradually replace a long rectangle of lawn. Living Without Lawn includes 28 pages of photographs.

Both books will be available September 15, initially at Silver Street Media,, and other online venues.

More details to follow as the publication date nears. 

Here are a couple of recent paintings. 

Thunderstorm, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 18x24

Thunderstorm, oil on canvas, 18×24

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