Molly’s 17 Rules for Living

WORDS TO LIVE BY from a canine bodhisattva.

  1. Treat every day as if it is your last—or only—time on earth.

2. There is no such thing …

… as “bad” weather …

3. … or a bad walk.

4. But know when to come inside.

5. The world is best understood through the senses …

… especially touch and smell.

6. Never take your next meal …

… for granted.

7. Drink plenty of water.

8. Get plenty of rest.

9. Stretch before you run.

10. Take pleasure in simple things …

… even a plastic flower pot.

11. Go for ride.

12. Don’t be afraid …

… to get dirty.

13. It’s okay to feel sad …

14. … but don’t let it linger.

15. Always remain playful.

16. Be kind to other species.

17. Love with all of your heart …

and bear the consequences.

28 Replies to “Molly’s 17 Rules for Living”

  1. Beautiful and touching. Really, these are gorgeous photos, and your text is wonderful. You are very gifted, Russell.

  2. Wonderful photos, Russell. Just what I needed to kick-start the day!

    Did Bar take some of these photos? I hope that the one with you with the poppy background is framed–one of my favorites.


    1. So glad you liked them! Yes, Bar took some, and we collaborated on a few. We have a great subject!

  3. You got it, baby. Dogs teach us each day how to live well. We humans can get lost. A dog brings us back to the path to joy.

    Thanks, Russ.

      1. Thank you, Shannon. I previously had a black lab. What a wonderful dog. They teach us so much!

    1. Thank you, Robert! One or the other of us usually has a camera at the ready, and a few of these were collaborative efforts (like the ice cream cup and flower pot). But I was pleasantly surprised to see how many good shots I had to choose from. I guess we are suckers for cute animals!

  4. These are beautiful, Russell, photos, Molly, rules and feelings.
    Hope you don’t mind if I send these to some of my grandchildren.

    1. Thank you, Jan! Glad you enjoyed them, and by all means feel free to pass them along. I hope Bob and you are well.

  5. Ah, wise and lovely and wonderful, mischievous Molly! Thanks so much for sharing this poignant window into Molly’s life and yours, as they happily intersect, every day… Love and good health to all! xox Meg

  6. How lucky Molly is to have you who really understands her. This is totally beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us..
    Love You,

  7. Outstanding pictures during different seasons–reminds me of the three
    dogs I used to take care of which I miss upon occasion. Have you finally
    broken down to give Molly gravy bones instead of those puppy bones?

    1. Love those dogs! At the moment Molly is getting homemade biscuits. Nothing but the best for that l’il pooch!

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