SKYLINE, acrylic on canvas, 12×16
LANDSCAPE FIVE, oil on canvas, 12×9
MIDSECTION, acrylic on canvas, 12×9
BARN IN THE HOLLOW, oil on canvas, 16×12
OXBOW, oil on canvas, 36×24
BRIDGE, oil on canvas, 16×12

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  1. I love the blue pathway over water, the abstracted warm-color pathway and the colorful, what appears to be an aerial view of the land, seems you are channeling some Wayne Thiebaud 🙂
    These remind me of some of the conversations we had over the years about farm mural designs. Best, Julie

    1. Thank you, Julie. High praise! I love Wayne Thiebaud–I even featured him on the cover of New England Watershed magazine. The murals inspired some great discussions! A pleasure to collaborate with you.

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