10 Replies to “Connecticut River, Hatfield”

    1. Thank you, Jan. It is a process, but I keep finding inspiration along the river, and I am learning all the time. I appreciate the encouragement.

  1. Wow, this one is so beautiful and more representational than some of your other work. That merits a conversation. Certainly the feeling of the rushing water is very powerful and immediate and then the tension in the sense of depth is interesting and a contrast. The colors are vibrant and rich but that’s true throughout your paintings. So fun to see your work evolve, Russ.

    1. What kind words and insights! Many thanks. Discovery is a big part of what motivates me, and I think my best work is to come. I would love a conversation!

  2. The complementary brightness of field and river are so well-balanced and feel integrated. The fallen trees are a story of their own.

    This size is good for you! Bigger is actually better for this! What the eagles see…!

    1. I enjoy painting on larger canvases, and it fits my physical style. Hopefully more to come. Thanks for the kind words and feedback–always helpful.

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