‘Brook Hollow’ and ‘Connecticut River, Hatfield’

CONNECTICUT RIVER, HATFIELD, watercolor on paper, 10×14


I woke to the most beautiful day 
the world has ever seen,
like yesterday
(but that was then),
and tomorrow
(but that’s another day).

BROOK HOLLOW, watercolor on paper, 14×10

6 Replies to “‘Brook Hollow’ and ‘Connecticut River, Hatfield’”

  1. Love them both.. Your return to abstract realism seems perfect. Everything is flowing and working together in harmony. Really great new work, Russ! Congratulations…

    1. Thank you so much. I’m having to take advantage of my opportunities and I think that has sharpened my focus. That, and rediscovering watercolors. Whatever it is, I am having fun.

  2. I agree. the river and the river hollow are inspirational for you, and the energy reflection, and color are really great and engaging.

    Perhaps putting the oils down while you work on packing is providing a more focused opening through which to work?


    1. Many thanks. Yes, it feels more focused, even visceral. Stimulated, perhaps, by all the change. It’s watercolors, too, my mother’s favorite medium.

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