The Rosy Hour (Garden Fence)

THE ROSY HOUR (GARDEN FENCE), watercolor on paper, 10×14

THAT MYSTICAL TIME before dusk when lines begin to blur and anything can happen.

2 Replies to “The Rosy Hour (Garden Fence)”

  1. I love the intensity of this 10 x 14 series of the natural world as seen and reimagined. This one in particular but each has a brightness that reveals so much.

    The color intensity feels more like acrylics – some much from water colors, and so portable as well.

    I think there is a show brewing here!

    1. Thank you! This has been a strange and wonderful path of late. I am surprised by it but loving it–a lot of trends coming together. As you suggest, there is a series emerging here. More in the queue!

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