4 Replies to “Love, Death, and Betrayal”

  1. Russell, this painting seems so different from your previous works. The title also intrigues me. What is the significance of it? The color of blending and placement is so unique. A very mysterious piece that I feel holds much emotion.

    1. It has been an intense and complicated summer, with all three words of the title playing major parts. I originally called it “Depth of Feeling” but felt that I was holding back. Painted, incidentally, before the most recent death. Life is wonderful and strange.

  2. Hi Russ,
    The colors appear very symbolic in an almost traditional sense. But the ways you use them is solidly unique to you.

    I agree that life is wonderful and strange, but also for me…very tiring.

    1. Thank you, Jan. It felt that way: the right colors to express a complex set of moods. I am so sad to know that you are tired, and well aware that things can change in an instant. I hope we can paint together soon, my friend!

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