Push-up, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 60x48

Push-up, oil on canvas, 60×48

THE APPLES ARE IN. Make no mistake, I do not grow them or pick them. My job is to photograph, write, and talk about the apples grown here in New England. For these reasons, I have been immersed in the harvest:

Seventeen consecutive days at “The Big E,” the Eastern States Exposition, in September. Orchard visits throughout New England — more than 30 since September. Book promotion — 12 appearances in 30 days for Apples of New England. A weblog about apples,, once a week (sometimes more) since mid-August.

I was a judge at the Great New England Apple Pie contest, and a participant in Franklin County CiderDays. My refrigerator remains full of apples, despite the fact that I eat them fresh or cook with several apples every day. The orchard visits, events, weblog, and eating and cooking will continue, although with less intensity now.

I make no complaints. It has been a fantastic few months, mostly energizing, only occasionally exhausting. Apples involve all of the senses, and I am fortunate for this opportunity for immersion. Its long-term effects are impossible to predict, but can only positively inform anything I do.

I have continued to paint during most of this time (except for the 15-hour days of The Big E). Still, it has been a time to change patterns, to step back and gain experience of another kind, and a fresh perspective.

The paintings here were begun earlier this summer, and completed last month, post-harvest. I have many new ones started, and when finished they likely will have a new character than those that came before them, informed by my experience of the apple harvest and time away from my routines.

Before the new paintings are done, these are a few that bridge the harvest.

As always, I appreciate your patience, your interest, and your comments.


October Meadow, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 24x18

October Meadow, oil on canvas, 24×18


Glow, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 11x14

Glow, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 11×14

Moon Over Dunes II, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 20x16

Moon Over Dunes II, Russell Steven Powell oil on canvas, 20×16

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  1. Very different, Russell. A different kind of energy, intense, and, it seems to me, auguring a different sort of composition to come with many new forms within the composition and many new colors, not necessarily “wanting to get along.” It’ll be interesting to see what all of that will be. I certainly want to see more.

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